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Launch of the Generations@school Project in the Czech Republic

04/05/2012 Launch of the Generations@school Project in the Czech Republic

A contest took place in Prague on the 3rd May which marked the launch of the Generations@school project, in collaboration with The Wall/537 Faces project, which seeks to bring elderly people close to street art on a joint participation activity such as the one that took place in the launch.

The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Jan Dobes, attended the event, which brought together more than 60 art school pupils, 60 senior citizens from the Elpida centre and 15 media and journalists representatives.

A graffiti wall was decorated in a shared artistic project both by art students and by the elder citizens, located near Pankrac underground station. Martin Činčár, one of the young artists who initiated the project, welcomed the guests and journalists and encouraged them to join in the activity. During the event, small presents such as textile bags and badges were prepared for the guests.

“What we are witnessing here is a great example of, literally, an artistic dialogue between generations,” the Deputy Minister declared. 

The Generations@school Project is currently being launched throghout Europe, with events already taken place in Poland, Hungary, the UK, Slovakia and Portugal.

Pictures of the event may be seen here.