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EU actively participates in ILO Governing Body

EU actively participates in ILO Governing Body © International Labour Organization

The EU and its Member states actively contributed to the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which met in Geneva from 16 to 31 October.

They stressed the role of the ILO in the areas of sustainable development and demographic change, highlighting the significance of employment, decent work and social protection in this field.

They supported a stronger role for the organisation in labour migration; supported the development of ILO expertise, its involvement at multilateral level and its capacity to assist constituents in view of present economic and social challenges; welcomed new actions to promote social dialogue, including at cross-border level.

They also backed ILO's work to promote international labour standards, in particular the Domestic Workers Convention and the Maritime Labour Convention, and to supervise their application.


The Governing Body is the tripartite executive body of the International Labour Organization. The cooperation between the EU and the ILO started in 1958 and covers notably labour standards, employment, social dialogue, social protection as well as the employment and social dimension in the EU, EU enlargement, development cooperation and trade.

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