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PES to PES Dialogue Conference on ‘Quality management: professionalism of employment counsellors’

11/04/2013 PES to PES Dialogue Conference on ‘Quality management: professionalism of employment counsellors’

The fifth conference under the PES to PES Dialogue programme – the European Commission’s mutual learning programme for public employment services (PESs) – will take place on 17-18 April 2013 in Brussels.

The conference will explore how to optimise the delivery of front-line services through effective Human Resource Management for employment counsellors, building on the findings of the analytical paper on job profiles and training, the Dialogue Conference on Individual Action Planning and the dissemination conference discussions in 2012.

The analytical paper showed that despite the diversity of business models and some diversification in the job profiles of PES counsellors, a common set of core competences for employment counsellors can be identified. It is argued in the paper that these core competences show that the role should be considered as an ‘emerging occupation’ combining some of the skills and tasks of guidance counsellors, social workers, administrative professionals and job brokers.

This combination of tasks reflects the shift in the PES’ role away from a ‘benefit payment and placement agency’ to an activation and transition agency – a shift which was highlighted as critical to the achievement of the Europe 2020 employment targets in the Employment Package agreed in April 2012. Notwithstanding these similarities, PES in the Member States have different entry requirements and approaches to training for PES counsellors.

The conference will take the discussion further by exploring the following questions:

  1. Job entry: What are the key ingredients/aspects to be considered for recruitment and initial training of PES counsellors?
  2. Continuing professional development: What leadership concepts and on-going learning and improvement processes are in place?
  3. Staffing concepts and leadership: What are the implications of a more diverse client base and changing requirements?

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