Roses for the Elderly

04/05/2012 Roses for the Elderly

In Catalonia, Spain, St. George's Day is celebrated through a very special tradition: roses and books are exchanged as gifts.

The primary school Les Acàcies decided that no elderly person would go without a rose on this past 23rd April. Hence, three days before St George, an older person visited the school and talked with the students about the importance of volunteering and the meaning of getting old.

As a second part of the week's activities, the children prepared handmade roses which were later brought to senior neighbour's homes. Finally, a literary contest was organised where the children would participate with short stories and poems about everything they had learned about ageing. 

They also visited an elderly home to bring them roses, share the texts they had written and spend the rest St. George's day there.

The class that participated in the project will receive the visit of the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, at a later stage.