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Peer review on Public Employment Services and older workers

Peer review on Public Employment Services and older workers © asiseeit under license of

Bundesagentur für Arbeit, the public employment service (PES) of Germany, will host this peer review from 10-11 May in Nuremberg, Germany.

Representatives from the PES in Austria, Belgium (ACTIRIS), Estonia, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK will attend.

The peer review aims to identify and explore good practice in the field of PES services and measures for older workers. It is part of 'PES to PES Dialogue', the European Commission’s mutual learning support programme for public employment services (PESs).

The peer review will collect views on:

  • The types of awareness-raising measures which are effective in combating negative perceptions and stereotypes and increasing the recruitment and retention of older workers
  • The role that preventative PES services and measures can play in retaining older workers in the labour market
  • How PES services and measures can be effective in activating and placing unemployed older workers, particularly those with low or out-dated skills and qualifications.