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First progress report on Germany's age-friendly work environments

24/02/2012 First progress report on Germany's age-friendly work environments

The German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) has launched the first edition of the “Progress Report on age-friendly work environments”.

In 2012 the process of rising the retirement age to 67 has started in Germany. The question is whether older workers find the right conditions and opportunities for working longer. Have employers changed their HR policies for taking into account the needs or older workers? Have older workers the right skills needed in today's labour market?

The BMAS progress report presents current data, trends, analysis, and practical examples on how to design age-based employment policies and strategies.

So far, this first issue shows that the labour force participation of older people in Germany has increased significantly over the last ten years, even in the midst of the economic turmoil. The report also shows that older people are no less productive than younger people, as proven by scientific studies and practical examples.

Download here the BMAS Progress Report- Issue 1: Development of the labour market for older people (only available in German).