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PROGRESS - Annual Performance Monitoring Report

24/08/2009 PROGRESS - Annual Performance Monitoring Report

Progress's Annual Performance Monitoring Report for 2008 has just been published.

It explains the programme, highlights its achievements to date and outlines the steps that still need to be taken. Performance data show how Progress has been implemented up until now, backed up by case studies recording some of the many ways in which the EU helps the Member States make a difference to people’s lives thanks to the programme.

Presenting the Report, Robert Verrue, Director-General of the Employment DG, said: "Like governments around the world, the Commission is under pressure to deliver tangible results on a fixed budget and against a background of rising public expectations.

The Progress’s strategy and performance depicted in this Report bears witness to a major shift in focus: results anticipated are defined and the spotlight is turned on achieving them, performance is measured regularly and objectively and the information gleaned is used for learning purposes, adjustments are made and the programme’s effectiveness is enhanced."

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