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Colourful symbolic image, also used on the cover of the report which the news item mentions 04/08/2017

Good practices for social enterprises – Joint Commission and OECD report

The report 'Boosting social enterprise development – Good Practice compendium' contains a rich collection of initiatives aimed at boosting social enterprise developments. It was jointly published by the European Commission Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Social Enterprise written in a notepad with marker

Social enterprises gaining ground in Europe

The number of social enterprises in Europe is increasing and they are engaging in new fields. Many countries are introducing new legislation as well as new support schemes to boost the development of social enterprises.

Two female small entrepreneurs in front of their shop 19/10/2015

Commission and European Investment Fund mobilise €237 million in loans to support 20,000 European micro-enterprises

20,000 micro-enterprises will get access to loans worth 237 million euro under the European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

Two female entrepreneurs in front of their shop 09/09/2015

Entrepreneurship: an avenue back to work for all?

Entrepreneurship helps to create jobs and develop skills, and to include the unemployed and disadvantaged in society and the economy.

Pot with money 24/06/2015

European Commission and EIF mobilise 500 million euro for social and micro-entrepreneurs

To promote jobs and growth in Europe, social and micro-enterprises will soon have access to over 500 million euro of finance. This is the result of a new mandate agreement signed today between the European Commission and the European Investment Fund.

Social enterprises: report presents first comparative overview  17/11/2014

Social enterprises: report presents first comparative overview

Social enterprises are an important driver for inclusive growth and play a key role in tackling current economic and environmental challenges, according to a report published by the European Commission.

Three workers in a restaurant's kitchen 13/08/2013

Market testing for the implementation of the social entrepreneurship support under the EaSI programme (2014-2020) – information for potential fund managers

The European Commission is launching a market testing exercise to find out if a call for the selection of a fund manager for the financial instruments in the area of social entrepreneurship finance to be established under the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) would meet interest and qualified response.

Couple in a crowd 28/06/2013

New programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)

The European Parliament and the Council reached a political agreement on the EU programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) with a proposed budget of €815 million for the 2014-20 period.

Two youngsters looking at a laptop 04/05/2012

Youth entrepreneurship versus youth unemployment - Policy Brief on Youth Entrepreneurship

What role can youth entrepreneurship play in meeting the current youth unemployment challenge? What barriers do young people face when starting a business? How do the challenges vary across different groups of young people? – The Policy Brief on Youth Entrepreneurship, prepared by OECD with the financial support of the European Commission, tries to provide answers to these questions.

People waiting in line 18/04/2012

Commission presents new measures and identifies key opportunities for EU job-rich recovery

With EU unemployment hitting record levels and forecasts of a grim economic outlook for the months ahead, the Commission has come forward with a set of concrete measures to boost jobs.

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