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Monthly Labour Market Monitor January 2011

21/01/2011 Cover: Monthly Labour Market Monitor January 2011

According to the latest Monthly Labour Market Monitor released by the European Commission, the labour market in the EU has stabilised, with signs of recovery in some Member States, but conditions are generally set to remain weak and uneven for some time, with potentially persistent unemployment in others.

The decline in employment in the EU has stopped with employment unchanged in the third quarter, following a small increase in the second quarter, while the unemployment rate in the EU is rather static, at a ten-month high 9.6% in November 2010. However, the labour market for young people in the EU is still showing worrying developments, as the youth unemployment rate reached its highest level since the beginning of the crisis at 21 % in the EU.

Confidence on labour markets in the EU has continued to broadly improve, albeit at a slower pace and divergences between member States and sectors .

This month's edition takes a closer look at the labour market situations in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. It also provides a special focus on the public sector and an update for the automotive industry.