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Calculate the gender pay gap in your work environment

29/03/2010 Calculate the gender pay gap in your work environment

You are a young female stockbroker with a university degree working in a small bank in Finland. Do you know that the Gender Pay Gap in your working environment is on average 26%?

You are a male ambulance worker in an organisation with 35 employees in Italy who is nearing the end of his career. Do you know that you earn on average 43% more than female workers with a similar background?

You are an employer wondering if there is a gender pay gap in your organisation. Do you know what steps you can take to tackle it?

Try using the online Gender Pay Gap calculator. This new tool will immediately give you an estimate of the gender pay gap that exists in your company, if you are an employer, or in your working environment, if you are an employee. This information is presented together with the national average for your country and the overall EU average.

The calculator also provides information including on how the gender pay gap can impact on women throughout their working lives, case studies on the gender pay gap and details of organisations to contact in your country for advice and support.