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FEAD: how to best identify and reach out to aid recipients

28/04/2017 Participants at the FEAD Network meeting listen to a presentation from a project leader

A ‘project marketplace’ has given FEAD Network members insight into how projects successfully identify and target end beneficiaries.

The latest FEAD Network meeting in Berlin on 6 and 7 April featured a range of projects presenting about their methods for engaging aid recipients. 

Study tours

Project leaders gave an overview of operational challenges and creative ways the projects have developed for reaching out to various target groups of FEAD support. Projects from Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece, Finland and Latvia also answered delegate questions on the best ways to target specific groups of beneficiaries.

Delegates at the event also had the opportunity to visit projects operating in Berlin to see how they were being run in practice. Four projects were visited by delegate groups: Amaro Foro, which helps to provide a link between new migrants and local authorities; ‘Frostschutzengel’ plus, a project that provides healthcare and social counselling for homeless people and newly arrived EU citizens; EU Fit In, which helps encourage social inclusion for families of EU migrants; and ‘Guiding the way out of exclusion’, which offers advice to homeless people.

Fifth FEAD Network event

The meeting was opened by Egbert Holthuis from the European Commission’s DG EMPL and Susanne Hoffman, from the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. 90 delegates from 24 counties shared their knowledge and experience of FEAD at this fifth event aiming to support the exchange of experience, capacity-building and networking among organisations implementing FEAD-related activities.