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Storyboard competition: winners announced!

08/09/2014 Storyboard competition: winners announced!

A medieval knight in armour will be promoting the European Health Insurance Card in a video soon! This concept was most popular amongst the voters of the 'European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) Storyboard Competition'.

We have received almost 1200 votes for the EHIC Competition. The favourite entry was by far "Man in armour" by Andrea Maringiò from Italy. Andrea's idea received more than 760 votes. He wins 1500 euro and the chance of seeing his concept developed and produced into a video to promote the European Health Insurance Card.

Congratulations also to Violeta Nazare, from Romania. Her concept "Granny reads the future" received more than 260 votes. "La Horde" by Arnaud Nguyen from France completes our podium with more than 150 votes. Violeta wins 1000 euro, and Arnaud wins 500 euro.

The Commission's Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, launched a Storyboard Competition during the summer to promote the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Entries were accepted from 24 June – 17 August, submitted by citizens of the EU28, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein en Switzerland, all the countries that use the EHIC.

You can have a look at each storyboard and synopsis again here.