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Peer Review in Poland: The Active Ageing Index and its extension to the regional level


The Active Ageing Index (AAI) focuses on the untapped potential of older people, measuring their independence and participation in paid employment and social activities. In 2013, in a unique move, Poland decided to conduct research into the construction of an AAI in all 16 of its provinces (regions). This Peer Review will provide an opportunity to explore how Poland set about this task (methodology), why it took such a step and what benefits it has identified. It will also consider whether such an approach could be usefully applied elsewhere.

Host Country: Poland (Krakow)

Date: 15-16 October 2014

Peer countries: Bulgaria - Czech Republic - Germany - Ireland - Latvia - Malta - Romania - Slovenia - Spain

When the Polish government decided to investigate why, in some parts of the country, national policy on active ageing did not seem to be making headway, it was found that, by monitoring progress at a regional level, it was easier to diagnose where the difficulties lay for national policy. Now policy-makers at both national and regional level make use of the evidence from the regional AAIs in their efforts to encourage older people to participate for longer in society and the economy.

All EU countries face the problem of how best to tap the potential of older people. The AAI figures in the roadmap for implementing the Social Investment Package as a tool that can help Member States invest better in the skills and capacities of older people. It is important to see whether a regional AAI could be a useful extension to this.