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Peer Review on Flexicurity, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20-21 November 2014


Peer Review on Flexicurity, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20-21 November 2014

This Peer Review will focus on flexicurity as a key aspect of the Employment Guidelines, and of the European Employment Strategy as a whole.

The event will present the Danish model of flexicurity and how it has been able to adjust to the economic crisis. It will provide the opportunity for participating countries to discuss adjustments in their own flexicurity approaches and what might be learned from the experience of Denmark and other countries regarding the balance between active labour market policies, employment protection legislation, lifelong learning and social security policies, to allow countries to successfully and sustainably address the impact of an economic downturn on the labour market.

The Peer Review will be hosted by the Danish Ministry of Employment, as part of the Mutual Learning Programme.

Who should attend?

The Peer Review targets government officials in Member States who are responsible for the design of labour market policies as well as experts in this field. Registration is by invitation only.

Background materials, as well as a summary of the Peer Review, will be made available on-line after the event.