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Research seminar on early childhood education and care: long-term outcomes for children and impact on parents' labour market participation

04/12/2013 A young girl playing a boardgame with her teachers

On 4 December, the Social Situation Monitor (SSM) is organising a seminar where experts, researchers and officials will meet to discuss early childhood education and care.

In 2002, the EU agreed the Barcelona targets, one of which was to ensure that at least 33% of children under three were in receipt of childcare by 2010. One year after this deadline just 29% of the children below the age of 3 in the EU received formal childcare.

This is a major concern, since studies show that a stimulating environment provided by good quality early childhood education and care could help both to further child development and reduce inequalities between children, while the availability of affordable childcare is important to enable mothers to pursue a working career.

The purpose of this seminar is to review the current state of knowledge on these issues by:

  • considering the evidence on the influence of childcare on child development;
  • assessing the extent to which the availability of high quality care can reduce inequality between children from different backgrounds;
  • examining the role of childcare in increasing the participation of women in the work force.

Participation is free of charge but registration is required. Should you be interested in attending the event, please contact Nicole Fondeville for availability and registration details before 26 November.