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Demand for healthcare workers grows, while recruitment of professionals declines for the first time since 2010

04/09/2013 Personal carer

Hirings were down for most occupational groups and fell for the first time since the second quarter of 2010 for expert / specialised workers (professionals). At the same time, the healthcare sector showed growing demand, according to the September 2013 edition of the European Vacancy Monitor.

In the fourth quarter of 2012 there were 6 % less vacancies than in the same period in 2011. Vacancies for temporary work agencies (Randstad) fell again in the last quarter of 2012, except in the UK.

The recruitment of workers with higher education increased by 2 % and may indicate that more professionals accepted jobs below their qualifications. Certain jobs saw also an increase in hirings (and employment), such as:

  • nurses and midwifery professionals,
  • university and higher education teachers,
  • administration professionals,
  • ICT developers.

A special focus on jobs in the healthcare sector shows growing demand for 'white jobs' particularly for nurse and midwifery professionals and assistants between 2008 and 2012.

Personal care workers in health services are number 1 in the top 25 growth occupations in Europe, when comparing the fourth quarter of 2012 with the same quarter in 2011.

The top 5 occupations with best employment opportunities were:

  1. Personal care workers in health services
  2. Software applications developers and analysts
  3. Administrative and specialised secretaries
  4. Mining, manufacturing and construction supervisors
  5. Primary school and early childhood teachers