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Hungary closes a fruitful European Year 2012, with more than 250 events organised to encourage active ageing and intergenerational solidarity

13/03/2013 The audience participated actively in the event.

The European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012 in Hungary was officially closed on March 8th with a conference held at the Ministry of National Resources, in Budapest.

The event started with a short performance of the Senior Citizens Club of Vorosbereny and was officially opened by Miklós Soltész, State Secretary for Social, Family and Youth Affairs, who emphasized that more than 250 different events were organised during the European Year 2012 in Hungary. "Elderly people should be fully respected both by the society and by their families", remarked the State Secretary.

Sarolta Monspart, a 68 years old orienteering champion and member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, encouraged old people to remain physically active. “It is essential to do practice some sport every day, no matter how old you are”, she said, before asking the audience to do some exercises on the spot. "Don't go too often to the pharmacy - sport can substitute medicines”, was her advice.

The conference included a panel discussion, where various organisations showcased good-practice examples and personal stories on how to promote active ageing and solidarity between generations.

"All of us should repeatedly visit our elderly family members. The European Year is officially closed, but we should deeply analyse the outcomes of these 12 months and continue to raise awareness", concluded Erika Asztalosné Zupcsán, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of National Resources.


Picture gallery of the event.

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