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Labour demand in Europe sees modest increase especially for high-skilled professionals

01/03/2013 Older workers in a training session

Despite a modest growth in job vacancies, especially in the education, health care, business and administration sectors, recruitment demand stagnated in the second quarter of 2012, says the February edition of the European Vacancy Monitor.

Public employment services' (PES) vacancy inflow remained stable, while vacancies for temporary work agencies (randstad) fell again in the second half of 2012. A 4% decline in the overall hiring activity points to stagnating recruitment and poorer job prospects for the unemployed.

Nevertheless a combined growth in employment (+2.4 %) and hiring (+4.8%) was evident for professionals, in particular in the areas of administration, teaching, business, health care and engineering. PES top growth occupations correspondingly show a shift towards high-skilled occupations.

Temporary hirings were at higher levels since 2009 and have become a common practice across all professional groups with a share of over 50 %, except for managing positions. They remained even higher for agricultural (75 %), elementary (71 %) and teaching jobs.

European Job Mobility Bulletin

According to the February issue of the European Job Mobility Bulletin, based on the vacancies published on the EURES portal (on 1st of February 2013), good job opportunities are available for:

  1. Finance and sales associate professionals
  2. Shop salespersons and demonstrators
  3. Housekeeping and restaurant services workers
  4. Personal care and related workers
  5. Modern health associate professionals, except nursing