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Transnational submissions open for the French Active Ageing Awards

10/07/2012 Transnational submissions open for the French Active Ageing Awards

The French Active Ageing Awards (Trophées Trajectoires), now in their 3rd Edition, strive to promote best practices and encourage the employment of seniors.

State-financed and funded by the European Social Fund since their launch in 2009/2010, the Active Ageing Awards have encouraged dozens of initiatives within French companies.

Since its involvement in 2010, the Val d’Oise Territorial Unit of DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate for Companies, Competition, Consumption, Work and Employment) has sought to support both public and private employers who work towards an intergenerational approach to human resources, paying particular attention to actions which promote the retention and re-employment of senior workers.

For their 3rd edition, the Active Ageing Awards has opened up to transnational cooperation and a network of European partners. The following institutions are now partners with DIRECCTE: the University of Liège Management School, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the Czech organization Gender Studies and the Polish Institute of Labour and Social Studies.

The deadline for submissions is October 31st 2012. Application forms, as well as the Active Ageing Awards rules, are available here.