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New action to create jobs and boost entrepreneurship in the EU

02/05/2011 New action to create jobs and boost entrepreneurship in the EU

Today one in five young Europeans cannot find a job. To tackle the problem, the European Commission has launched Youth@Work, a new action that links business and young people.

Youth@Work will build contacts between young people and small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) - to encourage demand among SME employers for young people and, in turn, to promote working in SMEs to young people. In this way, it will help Europe’s young people find jobs and provide small companies with inventive, energetic new employees.

Young people’s ideas and enthusiasm can also translate into a desire to set up their own businesses. To encourage this interest, Youth@Work will also offer information and advice to would-be young entrepreneurs to help them develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets.

It will reach out to young jobseekers and SME employers through innovative sessions, on topics such as networking, mentoring and recruitment, which will be organised at job fairs across the EU from autumn 2011.

The action will work in close cooperation with the EURES network of employment advisors and the national public employment services, which exist in each EU country.

Youth@Work is part of the EU’s Youth on the Move initiative. It was launched on 29 April 2011 during a European job fair for young people in Budapest organised by the EURES team from the Hungarian National Public Employment Service.