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01/06/2016 - 31/12/2017 Brussels

Access City Award 2017

EU cities are invited to participate in the seventh edition of the Access City Award - The European Prize for making cities more accessible to people with disabilities and older people.

Blind person with guidance dog getting on a bus

European cities over 50 000 inhabitants will have the opportunity to present their activities and strategies designed to make cities barrier-free, better places for everyone to live and work.

At a ceremony during the annual European Day of People with Disabilities Conference in Brussels on 29 November 2016, the European Commission will hand over awards to five EU cities.  

There will be a first, second and third prize plus two special mentions:

  1. access to work
  2. accessible smart cities


Deadline for applications: 8 September 2016, midnight Brussels time.

The selection process has two stages

  • first at national level
  • followed by the European selection.

You will find information on how to apply and rules in the documents: guidance note and participation rules.

Best practices in 2016

Your initiatives can inspire other cities to improve their policy and activities in the field of accessibility. As in previous years, a brochure with the outcome of the Access City Award 2016 and the winning cities was published by the European Commission. You will find in the brochure detailed information on the innovative projects, funding and contact information of each winning city. Reading the brochure (PDF file) can give you an idea of which of your existing projects could be highlighted in your application. At the same time, the brochure’s content could inspire you to start new projects to improve accessibility in your cities.

01/06/2016- 31/12/2017

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