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Man and woman getting off train 25/11/2013

Free movement of people: five actions to benefit citizens, growth and employment in the EU

The joint responsibility of Member States and the EU institutions to uphold EU citizens' rights to live and work in another EU country is underlined in a policy paper just adopted by the European Commission.

Speech balloons saying 19/09/2013

Single Market Month: sharing ideas online to change Europe

23 September sees the launch of one month of online debates on jobs, banks, social rights, and e-commerce. Individuals, organisations and policy-makers will together trade ideas that could change Europe.

The legs of a man and a suitcase in an airport 08/07/2013

EU-funded project: ESOPO – Social Europe Opportunities

The INCA France, supported by the European Commission, carried out a project aimed at assessing migrant workers' grade of understanding of EU law in terms of social security coordination.

Nurse putting loading car trunk with suitcases 27/05/2013

EU-funded project: Transnational Exchanges on Social Security in Europe (TESSE)

INCA CGIL in Brussels carried out TESSE, a transnational pilot project aiming at bolstering the exchange of best practices in the field of free movement, taking into account the entry into force of new EC Regulations 883/2004 and 987/2009.

Border control 29/04/2013

EU-funded project: Improving information for commuters in European border regions

The Association of European Border Regions has completed a project to improve access to effective information by cross-border workers in Europe.

Pensioner looking at different roads 25/04/2013

Commission refers Slovakia to Court for refusing to pay an old-age benefit to pensioners abroad

The European Commission has referred Slovakia to the EU's Court of Justice for refusing to pay an old-age benefit, a so called Christmas allowance, to pensioners living in other EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland in breach of its obligations under EU law on social security coordination.

Teacher and students in a classroom 25/04/2013

Commission asks Cyprus to take into account periods spent by Cypriot teachers working in Greece

The European Commission has asked Cyprus to take into account periods spent by Cypriot teachers working in Greece when granting and calculating pensions in Cyprus.

Elderly man and child with laptop 21/03/2013

Commission refers Malta to Court for cutting pensions of people receiving public service pensions from other Member States

The European Commission has decided to refer Malta to the EU's Court of Justice for reducing Maltese old-age pensions if the beneficiary receives a pension from another Member State as a result of having worked in the public service of that State.

Couple of pensioners receiving their pension 21/02/2013

Commission requests Romania to pay pensions to Greek citizens corresponding to the time worked in Romania

The Commission has requested Romania to comply with Regulation (EC) No 1408/71 and Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 on social security coordination when calculating the pension rights of Greek citizens who worked in Romania before its accession to the European Union.

A couple of pesioners at the beach 21/02/2013

Commission refers The Netherlands to Court for discriminating against pensioners abroad

The European Commission has referred The Netherlands to the EU's Court of Justice for failing to notify measures to stop discriminating against pensioners who live abroad when paying out an allowance for elderly taxpayers.

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