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Undeclared work: Commission launches consultation with the trade unions and employers' representatives

04/07/2013 A man holding up his hand in a stop sign

The European Commission has launched today a consultation with representatives of trade unions and employers' organisations on possible future EU measures to prevent and deter undeclared work through improved cooperation between Member States enforcement authorities, such as labour inspectorates, tax and social security authorities.

Such cooperation could include the sharing of best practices on prevention and deterrence measures, identifying common principles for inspections of employers, promoting staff exchanges and joint training and facilitating joint control actions.

The consultation will help the Commission to implement its policy objectives to tackle undeclared work, as set out in the April 2012 Employment Package.

The consultation document gives an overview of the main problems arising from undeclared work (including bogus self-employment), reviews recent studies on undeclared work and outlines the objectives and possible content of a future EU initiative to combat undeclared work. This initiative is due to be adopted in the 2nd half of 2013.

The employees' and employers' organisations have until 20 September 2013 to submit their views and comments.

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