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Impact of mobile EU citizens on national social security systems

Impact of mobile EU citizens on national social security systems

According to a study just published by the European Commission in most EU countries, EU citizens from other Member States use welfare benefits no more intensively than the host country's nationals. Mobile EU citizens are less likely to receive disability and unemployment benefits in most countries studied.

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EU-funded project: Improving information for commuters in European border regions

29/04/2013 Border control

The Association of European Border Regions has completed a project to improve access to effective information by cross-border workers in Europe.

The project focused on barriers to the access to neighbouring labour markets in European border regions. It dealt in particular with different social security and taxation rules.

The project lasted from December 2011 to December 2012. It was divided in three phases:

  • Study and exchange of experience to identify and examine which forms of advisory services for cross-border commuters already exist in Europe, how they function and which results and perspectives exist for these information infrastructures.
  • Analysis of the current situation and best practices, as well as formulation of recommendations for the improvement of the advisory services for cross-border commuters.
  • Dissemination and communication to improve the level of information for citizens in border areas with regard to the cross-border labour market.

It is estimated that there are between 400.000 and 850.000 cross-border commuters in Europe.

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