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Market testing for the implementation of the microfinance support under the EaSI programme (2014-2020) – information for potential fund managers

06/08/2013 Euro coins in colourful pots

The European Commission is launching a market testing exercise to find out if a call for the selection of a fund manager for the financial instruments in the area of microfinance to be established under the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) would meet interest and qualified response.

For the implementation of the financial instrument promoting microfinance under future Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI), the Commission will cooperate with a financial institution. For guarantees, this is likely to be the European Investment Fund (EIF). For the dedicated investment vehicle (DIV) that undertakes funded investments in microfinance intermediaries, the choice of the manager is still open.

Potential fund managers can signal their interest and present their ability as fund manager. An organisation which has not signalled its interest can nevertheless participate in the call, if the Commission decides to go for this option instead of negotiating directly with the EIF.

More information on Testing the market - Management of a dedicated investment vehicle for microfinance.

Contributions will be used for the internal work of the Commission and not shared with third parties.



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