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Paper people under hands in gesture of protection

Commission adopts proposals for a European Labour Authority and for access to social protection

The European Commission has taken more concrete new initiatives to further deliver on the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Ready for the Demographic Revolution? Measuring Active Ageing 14/01/2016

Ready for the Demographic Revolution? Measuring Active Ageing

Across the EU, the number of older people is increasing – particularly fast, when it comes to people over 80 – and the number of young and working-age people is decreasing. Many regard this as a problem, particularly if they see older people as a burden.

Elderly woman with a dog in countryside 14/10/2015

Why older women are much more exposed to the risk of poverty than older men

Europe is ageing. More than 130 million people in the European Union, or about a quarter of the total population, receive a pension. By and large, the national pension systems make sure that older citizens receive a stable income after the end of their working life and are not threatened by poverty. In fact, the risk of being poor in the EU is lower among the elderly above age 65 as compared to the population below age 65.

Older couple standing on coins 05/10/2015

Adequate pensions: new report calls for measures to enable people to work until they reach the pension age

Europe’s pension systems can be expected to deliver adequate pensions also to future generations of retirees provided Member States pursue strong policies to enable as many workers as possible to stay in jobs until they reach the statutory pension age, a new report on pension adequacy shows.

Pensions: on-going reforms will help Member States tackle demographic and sustainability challenges 21/02/2014

Pensions: on-going reforms will help Member States tackle demographic and sustainability challenges

The ongoing wave of pension reforms implemented by EU Member States will help them to achieve more sustainable pension systems and face demographic changes ahead, the European Commission stressed on the occasion of the publication today of the World Bank report "The Inverting Pyramid".

A family running together in a forest 07/11/2013

Tracking quality of life in Europe – new analysis by the Eurofound

The third wave of the European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS) records many aspects of the quality of life in Europe in 2011-12. These include social, economic, environmental and work-related elements, as well as subjective well-being and the quality of society. Together they make up a multidimensional picture of quality of life relevant to policymaking within the EU.

A couple in the middle of a crowd 02/10/2013

The future of the Economic and Monetary Union: Commission proposes ideas to deepen social integration

The European Commission has proposed to create a new scoreboard to allow for better and earlier identification of major employment and social problems in the framework of the European Semester, the EU's yearly economic policy-making cycle.

An old man looking at three possible pathways

EU sets out plans for adequate, safe and sustainable pensions

The European Commission has published a White Paper on adequate, safe and sustainable pensions.

A woman holding a bank card in front of a computer screen 06/04/2011

Commission requests Belgium to pay pensions directly to bank accounts where beneficiaries reside

The European Commission has requested Belgium to end complex procedures for paying pensions to beneficiaries residing in another EU country.

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