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Free movement of workers in the public sector: new Commission paper

15/12/2010 School teacher and pupils

Which posts in the public sector may be reserved to nationals? How are professional qualifications recognised when moving to another EU country? Which language skills may be required by a public employer? How is professional experience and seniority acquired in another EU country taken into account?

The Commission has addressed these and other issues in its latest Staff Working Document on "Free movement of workers in the public sector". Its aim is to inform citizens, Member States' authorities, social partners and other stakeholders about how the Commission understands the most important aspects of free movement of workers in the public sector. The document supplements the Communication "Reaffirming the free movement of workers: rights and major developments", published on 13 July 2010, by providing more in-depth information and analyses.

The Staff Working Document builds on the findings of the Report of Prof. Jacques Ziller: "Free Movement of European Union Citizens and Employment in the Public Sector". The Commission asked Prof. Ziller, as an independent expert, to summarise and analyse information which was provided by EU countries, in their replies to a Commission questionnaire on this issue, and by the Network of Experts. The Report contains a first general part on the state of play of free movement of workers in the public sector and a second part with country files on each of the 27 Member States.

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