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Theodora in her office checking a folder in front of her computer

The Youth Guarantee in practice: Theodora’s traineeship leads to employment

Having studied banking, insurance and social security at university, Theodora Dobreva was looking forward to putting what she’d learned to good use in her career. Instead, she found herself working basic and low-paid jobs in fields that didn’t interest her. “I was disappointed because this wasn’t what I had studied for,” she says.

Goda in her own fashion business with sunglasses in the background

The Youth Guarantee in practice: practical experience helps Goda launch her own business

Goda Tokere is the founder of Oh My Goda, a successful fashion company. She’s also one of a growing number of young Lithuanians that have been able to develop skills, gain experience and access new careers through the Youth Guarantee scheme.

Young people gathered, some are talking, one is holding a tablet 07/12/2016

Launch of the initiative Investing in Europe's Youth

Today, the Commission launches its initiative Investing in Europe’s Youth, outlining measures to boost youth employment, improve and modernise education, increase investment in skills of young people, and to enhance better opportunities to learn and study abroad.

David seated at a table with a computer in front of him, discussing with a colleague

The Youth Guarantee in practice: a boost for David's employment chances

David Banović’s life and career was following a steady path. He was studying journalism and politics at university. He had a part-time job where he was learning basic administrative and accounting skills.

Vasiliki seated at her desk moving the computer mouse

The Youth Guarantee in practice: Vasiliki leaves unemployment behind and helps others find work

Vasiliki Christidi graduated from university with the firm belief that it would be simple to find a job because she had a degree. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy and after several months, she was still unemployed.

Elvis standing in an open plan office talking to two colleagues

The Youth Guarantee in practice: Elvis creates a job for himself

Elvis Skripunas has always been ambitious. While other children dreamed of being firefighters, doctors or astronauts when they grew up, Elvis was imagining himself with a suit and briefcase.

Nikolay and older woman holding a gold chain inside a goldsmith's shop

The Youth Guarantee in practice: how Nikolay’s future is made of solid gold

The area where Nikolay Krastev grew up in Bulgaria is dominated by the agriculture and service industries. Having studied music at school, and with his only work experience being at a petrol station, he struggled to find a permanent job and soon found himself unemployed.

Tina seated in her office at her laptop

The Youth Guarantee in practice: Tina's journey from unemployment to her dream job

When Tina Fonovic left university with both a Bachelor of Law and a Masters in Marketing Communications, she was full of confidence and certain she’d find a job easily. Two years later and that confidence had faded.

Aristea is dressing the hair of a mannequin in front of a mirror

The Youth Guarantee in practice: a hobby becomes a career for Aristea

After leaving school, Aristea Zachari was unemployed for three months and increasingly dependent on her parents. A visit to the local career office introduced her to the Youth Guarantee scheme and the opportunities it offers unemployed young people in Greece.

Young girl checking product list in a factory warehouse

Commission report highlights progress of the Youth Guarantee and of the Youth Employment Initiative

Today, the European Commission adopted a Communication that highlights the main achievements of the Youth Guarantee and Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) since their launch in 2013 and draws lessons on how to improve the EU and national efforts on deploying national Youth Guarantee schemes.

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