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Learning Exchange on Effects of Foreign Investment on Employment

The Learning Exchange on ‘Effects of Foreign Investment on Employment’ took place on 23 May in Ankara (Turkey).


Learning Exchange on Apprenticeship Schemes in Austria

The Learning Exchange took place on 7 November 2013 in Vienna. It was organised as a follow up to the German Peer Review of 24-25 September 2012 and brought together representatives from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia and Spain.


Learning Exchange on Tackling Undeclared Work in Estonia

The Estonian Tax and Custom Board hosted a Learning Exchange that brought together ministry officials and representatives of labour inspectorates from Estonia, Czech Republic and Lithuania.


Learning Exchange on Voucher Systems in Latvia

The Learning Exchange that took place on 20 September 2013 in Riga was organised as a follow up to a previous learning exchange that took place in Athens in October 2012, where Latvia and Greece both expressed an interest in discussing their training voucher systems in more detail.

05/09/2013 - 06/09/2013

Dual Apprenticeships: Qualifications and Labour Market Needs

A Learning Exchange was held in Berlin on 5-6 September 2013. It was attended by a variety of stakeholders connected to or interested in the German dual system, from the following countries: Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The attending countries are all in the process of developing or enhancing dual training systems.

10/12/2012 - 11/12/2012

Developing ‘dual vocational training’ to support the labour market insertion of young people: can Spain catch up with Germany?

Spain experiences serious challenges in relation to youth unemployment. A possible way of solving this is through the implementation of a dual training system, best known from Germany. The German training system has fed into relatively high youth employment rates, even in the current economic climate.

03/12/2012 - 04/12/2012

The necessity for labour market policy evaluation - from London to the Brussels peer review

The need for further evaluation of labour market policies was demonstrated at two peer reviews in London (September 2011) and in Brussels (November 2012), The UK and Belgium have demonstrated particularly good results with evaluation and research.

18/10/2012 - 19/10/2012

Public works programmes – what works best? The case of Latvia and Greece

The situation in Greece and Latvia has demonstrated that increasing unemployment results in serious challenges for unemployed people – especially those who do not receive unemployment benefits, and who are unlikely to enter the labour market. Therefore, both countries have introduced public works programmes in order to provide these people with a safety net.

04/10/2012 - 05/10/2012

The Irish approach to tackle undeclared work

On 4-5 October 2012, a peer review in Prague (Czech Republic) took place on the topic of tackling undeclared work. This refers to when businesses pay workers cash off the record, either in addition to workers’ taxed salary or social benefits. This kind of work has been increasing during the economic crisis.

21/11/2011 - 22/11/2011

'Visitas' A Tool to Promote Mutual Learning among Norwegian job centres

The concept of ‘Visitas’ (or the ‘visitation process’) originated in the Netherlands, but has been used in Norway since 2010. Using mutual learning, it aims to improve management within Norwegian municipalities and job centres (run by the NAV). On 21-22 November 2011, a study visit took place to Oslo, in order to explore the newly implemented concept.

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