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Tracking quality of life in Europe – new analysis by the Eurofound

07/11/2013 A family running together in a forest

The third wave of the European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS) records many aspects of the quality of life in Europe in 2011-12. These include social, economic, environmental and work-related elements, as well as subjective well-being and the quality of society. Together they make up a multidimensional picture of quality of life relevant to policymaking within the EU.

Initial analysis of this wave of the EQLS focused on the impacts of the crisis on the quality of life in Europe and the repercussions for various countries and groups within society. This study gave rise to the 2012 overview report Quality of life in Europe: Impacts of the crisis.

Now a new series of reports has been prepared, providing further analysis of important dimensions of quality of life in Europe. In addition, two policy briefing papers based on the EQLS highlight topics of particular significance:

  • The report Subjective well-being addresses the impact of the crisis on how Europeans perceive the quality of their lives.
  • The Quality of society and public services report explores how Europeans perceive the quality of their social environment, and of their public services.
  • The report Social inequalities examines inequalities in the distribution of freedoms and opportunities among individuals and population subgroups in Europe.
  • A fourth report on Trends in quality of life (forthcoming) makes use of the three waves of the EQLS in 2003, 2007 and 2011 (with some additional research in 2012) to describe the longer term evolution of quality of life in Europe.

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