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Elderly woman with a dog in countryside 14/10/2015

Why older women are much more exposed to the risk of poverty than older men

Europe is ageing. More than 130 million people in the European Union, or about a quarter of the total population, receive a pension. By and large, the national pension systems make sure that older citizens receive a stable income after the end of their working life and are not threatened by poverty. In fact, the risk of being poor in the EU is lower among the elderly above age 65 as compared to the population below age 65.

Older couple standing on coins 05/10/2015

Adequate pensions: new report calls for measures to enable people to work until they reach the pension age

Europe’s pension systems can be expected to deliver adequate pensions also to future generations of retirees provided Member States pursue strong policies to enable as many workers as possible to stay in jobs until they reach the statutory pension age, a new report on pension adequacy shows.

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