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Peer review on PES approaches for low-skilled adults and young people: work first or train first?

03/06/2013 Road sign painted on pavement with arrows pointing in opposite directions

The Lithuanian Labour Exchange (LLE) will host this peer review from 6-7 June in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Representatives from the PES in Austria, Belgium (Le Forem), Belgium (VDAB), Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Norway, Poland and Spain will attend.

The peer review aims to identify and explore good practice in the field of PES approaches for the sustainable activation of low-skilled adults and young people. It is part of 'PES to PES Dialogue', the European Commission’s mutual learning support programme for public employment services (PESs).

The peer review will build on the findings from an analytical paper on PES approaches for the activation of low-skilled adults and young people (to be published shortly) and the analytical paper and peer review on the role of PES in youth integration which were prepared under the PES to PES Dialogue programme in 2011.

The peer review will collect views on:

  1. Work-first approaches: What are the differences between effective approaches for low-skilled adults and for low-skilled young people?
  2. Train first approaches: Which type of training works best for low skilled adults and which works best for low skilled young people?
  3. What are the specific elements of PES service concepts to achieve good integration results comparing a work first with a train first approach?

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