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Stylised image of a fuel meter with left a sad smiley and right a happy smiley 28/10/2016

Seminar on regional well-being indicators (development of the inclusive society index)

Reducing regional disparities is one of the main objectives of the European Union and one which is pursued through Cohesion policy aimed at strengthening economic, social and territorial cohesion across the EU.

The word 'Income' written on a binder on a desk with euro money calculator blank sheet and pen 31/05/2016

Seminar on Making work pay

With still nearly 6 million more people unemployed in December 2015 than in March 2008, there is a wide consensus in the EU on the importance of expanding employment as the main means of reducing poverty among the population of working age.

Seminar on coverage of unemployment benefits 15/12/2015

Seminar on coverage of unemployment benefits

Unemployment across the EU has increased sharply since the onset of the economic crisis, and despite some reduction in many countries since mid-2013, it remains far above the level in 2008 before the crisis began.

Research seminar on self-employment 21/05/2015

Research seminar on self-employment

Supporting entrepreneurship and self-employment is an important part of the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Research seminar on housing 17/12/2014

Research seminar on housing

Access to affordable housing is a fundamental right, but since the onset of the financial and economic crisis, the housing situation of households has worsened in many EU Member States.

Research seminar on the effects of the crisis on young people 23/05/2014

Research seminar on the effects of the crisis on young people

Since the onset of the crisis, young people throughout the EU have been adversely affected disproportionally compared to other age groups. Only a third of young people aged 15-24 currently have a job, and many of these are on a temporary or part-time basis.

A young girl playing a boardgame with her teachers 04/12/2013

Research seminar on early childhood education and care: long-term outcomes for children and impact on parents' labour market participation

On 4 December, the Social Situation Monitor (SSM) is organising a seminar where experts, researchers and officials will meet to discuss early childhood education and care.

Family on the beach 27/05/2013

Research seminar: The measurement of the efficiency of social protection systems

Social protection systems in the EU Member States face the need to adapt to the changing world of labour, new family structures and the demographic changes.

Piggy bank 23/10/2012

Research seminar: Wealth measurement

Recent turbulent times, characterised initially by a strong rise in both house prices and share prices and followed by a dramatic collapse in both virtually throughout the EU have increased the importance of estimating wealth holdings and how they have changed over the crisis period.

Homeless man busking in street 03/10/2012

Research seminar: Dynamics of poverty

Poverty and social exclusion are on the rise in many Member States since the onset of the crisis. This raises concerns about what will happen in the future to those at risk of poverty or exclusion. Are these people going to be trapped in this situation? What is the best way of lifting them out of it in a durable way?

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