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Women working in a lab 07/03/2017

Steady improvement of European labour market conditions according to Joint Employment Report

On 3 March, the European Council of employment and social policy ministers adopted the 2017 Joint Employment Report.

Young girl checking product list in a factory warehouse

Commission report highlights progress of the Youth Guarantee and of the Youth Employment Initiative

Today, the European Commission adopted a Communication that highlights the main achievements of the Youth Guarantee and Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) since their launch in 2013 and draws lessons on how to improve the EU and national efforts on deploying national Youth Guarantee schemes.

Towards better social statistics for a social Europe 24/08/2016

Towards better social statistics for a social Europe

Today the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Regulation on new, integrated ways to collect and use data from social surveys so as to better support policy making in general and social policy in particular.

Worker with top hat sitting at a computer in an office 07/06/2016

Ten actions to help equip people in Europe with better skills

The Commission has adopted a new and comprehensive Skills Agenda for Europe today. The aim is to ensure that people develop a broad set of skills from early on in life and to make the most of Europe’s human capital, which will ultimately boost employability, competitiveness and growth in Europe.

Close-up on the hand of man holding a pen and going through numbers on a piece of paper 09/12/2015

Are we richer or poorer than before the onset of the crisis?

The global financial crisis triggered a deep recession in 2008 and 2009, the deepest since the Great Recession of the early 1930s. In 2009, the EU's GDP dropped by 4.4%, and in 2014 it barely exceeded the level of 2008.

A young and older man looking through the jobs ads section of a newspaper 07/12/2015

New pathways for the long-term unemployed

Today, the Employment and Social Policy Ministers have reached an agreement during the EPSCO Council on the Commission's proposal for a Recommendation on long-term unemployment.

Social Agenda – Long term unemployment 30/10/2015

Social Agenda – Long term unemployment

Social Agenda n°42 presents the European Commission's proposal to tackle long-term unemployment.

A young and older man looking through the jobs ads section of a newspaper

Europe takes action to help 12 million long-term unemployed get back to work

The European Commission has proposed guidance today to Member States to better help long-term unemployed return to work.

Young person looking at offers on job board 16/09/2015

The majority of the unemployed in the EU do not receive unemployment benefits

In all EU countries, social security systems are in place to provide a safety net to those who lose their jobs. Much has been said about the generosity of unemployment benefits that may entice workers to stay at home rather than to look for a job, or about the need to make sure that the unemployed receiving benefits also meet obligations to actually look for a job or get training.

Two female entrepreneurs in front of their shop 09/09/2015

Entrepreneurship: an avenue back to work for all?

Entrepreneurship helps to create jobs and develop skills, and to include the unemployed and disadvantaged in society and the economy.

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