Eight major European cities will host Cities for Active Inclusion workshops

Eight major European cities will host Cities for Active Inclusion workshops © H. Wahlman,

Eight major European cities which make up the Cities for Active Inclusion network will organise in September and October national workshops on demographic change and active inclusion, presenting their main research findings and promoting the exchange of knowledge between local, regional and national stakeholders.

The eight workshops will take place in Rotterdam (20 September), Stockholm (28 September), Brno (4 October), Birmingham (9 October), Krakow (11 October), Lille Métropole - Roubaix (23 October), Copenhagen (24 October) and Bologna (25 October).

These events are organised in the context of Cities for Active Inclusion, an initiative coordinated by EUROCITIES and involving nine European cities carrying out research and mutual learning activities on the implementation of active inclusion policies at local level.

National stakeholders and practitioners will gather to discuss the latest developments at EU level on active inclusion policies. The workshops will also feature the presentation of several successful local practices aimed at supporting the active inclusion in the context of demographic change, showcasing the key trends in cities which are becoming older, more diverse but also in some cases younger. These trends have shown to have an impact on social services, namely on education, health and housing.

The cities hosting these seminars have opted to tackle demographic change in order to prevent social exclusion and promote active inclusion through an area based approach, the active inclusion of older people and family support policies.

Cities for Active Inclusion is supported by the PROGRESS programme, as part of the framework partnership between the European Commission and EUROCITIES, the network of major European cities.