Series of analytical working papers launched by the Commission

04/06/2012 Series of analytical working papers launched by the Commission

The European Commission has launched a new series of analytical working papers. They will analyse various issues in the employment and social policy domain and as much as possible underpin priority policy needs – notably the Europe 2020 process.

Initially, the papers will be written by Commission staff, but joint authorship with external authors is envisaged in the future.

Analytical support in the setting of EU employment rate targets for 2020 is the first paper in the series. It provides an overview of the analysis essentially carried out during 2009 and 2010, with regard to the setting of a new overall employment rate target for 2020 as part of the Europe 2020 strategy, including the reference population to be covered as well as the appropriate value for the target. As such it provided analytical support leading to the decision of the March 2010 European Council to set an overall employment target for the EU27 in 2020 of 75% for those aged 20-64. It also summarises the subsequent analysis carried out to investigate possible approaches to translate the common target into specific targets for individual Member States.

The paper is methodological and is mainly intended as a historical record of the approach used and considerations taken into account when providing analytical support to the discussions on the Europe 2020 employment target. As such it should be a useful reference in similar future target setting exercises.