Bridging Generations with Andrea Camilleri in Rome

17/05/2012 Bridging Generations with Andrea Camilleri in Rome

On Friday May 11th, Andrea Camilleri, one of Italy's most eminent writers, and Andrea Riccardi, Italian Minister for International Cooperation and Integration, were received by the students of the Liceo Classico Virgilio at their school in Rome.

This generations@school meeting was an important opportunity to promote dialogue about what is means to grow old and ways in which young and old can work together for mutual enrichment.Overcoming loneliness, individualism and the development of profitable social relations are the stronger aspects that EY2012 wishes to communicate to younger generations.

"Life always has the same meaning and significance for all, whatever the period you live in or the age you have" said 87 years old Camillleri, arguing that "the old are marginalized because they are no longer considered useful to society, but living is not only about production, is also about memory and affection".

Minister Riccardi added that "we must have the courage to build a future together, because even if we are achieving the dream of living a long time, for many it is not a blessing, because they are lonely and excluded from society," recalling the theme of solidarity between generations.

The Liceo Classico Virgilio students showed great interest by actively participating and interacting with the guest speakers throughout the meeting.

Pictures of the event are available here.