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Learning Exchange on Tackling labour market segmentation by reducing EPL and addressing other forms of work

The Learning Exchange will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 11 November 2014. It will focus on the (mis)use of non-labour contracts to avoid Employment Protection Legislation (EPL) (civil contracts, bogus self-employment, student jobs, etc.).


Learning Exchange on Cooperation at Local Level in the Fight Against Youth Unemployment

The Learning Exchange will take place in Dordrecht (Netherlands) on 28 October 2014. The aim of this Learning Exchange is to explore how to build capacity of the municipalities to deliver services for young people.


Learning Exchange on The Activation Strategies of the Norwegian unemployment benefit system

The Learning Exchange will take place in Oslo (Norway) on 27 October 2014. It will focus on eligibility criteria (e.g. requirements for job search, definition of suitable job offer, mobility requirements, binding nature of IAPs), monitoring of requirements (Job search, ALMP participation) and provisions for sanctioning (role and impact).


Learning Exchange on Effects of Foreign Investment on Employment

The Learning Exchange on ‘Effects of Foreign Investment on Employment’ took place on 23 May in Ankara (Turkey).

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