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International Conference on Active Ageing at the Bibliotéka/ Pedagogika fairs in Bratislava

20/11/2012 International Conference on Active Ageing at the Bibliotéka/ Pedagogika fairs in Bratislava

The conference "Active ageing and solidarity between generations. Research, development and innovation - towards a better quality of life" was held in Bratislava on 8 November as part of the Bibliotéka/Pedagogika fairs.

The event was opened by the Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, Jan Richter, and Ralph Jacob, Head of Unit from the European Commission DG Employment. The topics of the intergenerational solidarity and active ageing were discussed by senior state advisers and other relevant subjects.

The conference counted with the participation of experts from different countries, who discussed their experiences in creating opportunities for older people and provided recommendations that can be applied in the Slovak Republic in order to increase the social involvement of seniors and create more opportunities for them to remain active after retirement.

The one-day event included an intergenerational workshop called “Living Library/ Living Books”, the exhibition “Old age concerns us”, pictures from the Slovak generations@school project and a selection of artworks by children submitted to a competition on the topic of the European Year 2012 organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Held within the framework of the EY2012 to create awareness about active ageing and strengthen intergenerational solidarity, the conference was organised by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports, the National Institute of Lifelong Learning, the European Commission and European Parliament Information Offices in Slovakia and Incheba Expo, among other.