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International Study of Grandparenting

22/12/2011 International Study of Grandparenting

The launch of a major new research project.

Grandparents Plus celebrated the launch of a major new research project in October in London, examining the role of grandparents within the family across Europe, in partnership with King’ s College London and the Beth Johnson Foundation. The project is a study of the demographics of grand-parenting across Europe, how the role of the grandparent differs from family and country and how family frameworks across Europe shape their role.

Funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Institute of Gerontology at King’s College London, the research has been led by Dr Karen Glaser, who spoke at the event, with Professor Anthea Tinker and Dr Deborah Price. The event was an opportunity to hear more about the new project and the findings of a scoping study published last year. There was also the opportunity to meet  members of the research team and members of the International Advisory Group, who are leading  European researchers in the fields of gerontology and family policy.  For more information about the project and other research papers published by Grandparents Plus please refer to the link below.