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Green Paper: Restructuring and anticipation of change: what lessons from recent experience?

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Employment and Social Affairs

Целеви групи

Employers' organisations, trade unions, national, regional and local authorities, academics, NGOs, other stakeholders as well as individual citizens with an interest in restructuring and anticipation of change.

Период на допитването
От :     17/01/2012     до :   30/03/2012
Цел на допитването:

This Green Paper aims to identify successful practices and policies in the field of restructuring and adaptation to change in order to promote employment, growth and competitiveness as part of the Europe 2020 strategy and in particular the industrial policy flagship initiative of October 2010 , the "Agenda for new skills and jobs" adopted in November 2010 . The Green Paper is also intended to contribute to improving synergy between all relevant actors in addressing challenges related to restructuring and adaptation to change and takes into account the important work carried out in recent years by the European Commission, the social partners, Member States, regions and many other stakeholders.

The Commission will build upon the outcome of this consultation to consider new ways to better disseminate and effectively implement good practices, including at EU level, for dealing with both immediate concerns related to the economic crisis and long-term competitiveness objectives as identified in the industrial policy flagship initiative. The Commission will feed the results of this Green Paper consultation into the revived flexicurity agenda, also with a view to steering a renewed debate at EU level on a possible approach to and framework for restructuring.

Как да изпратите вашите коментари и предложения

The Commission invites all interested parties to respond to the questions set out in this Green Paper, together with any additional comments, by 30March 2012.

Responses can be sent:

  • by email to:


  • by post to:
    European Commission
    Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion
    Green Paper on Restructuring
    Unit C2
    Rue Joseph II, 27
    Office 06/044
    B - 1000 Brussels


  • or submitted online

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Документи за справка и други допитвания, свързани с настоящото допитване
Резюме - Консултация на ЕС относно корпоративното преструктуриране
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Commission Staff Working Document: Restructuring in Europe 2011
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За контакти
Отговорна служба: Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Unit C2 New Skills for New Jobs, Adaptation to Change, CSR, EGF
Електронна поща: empl-green-paper-restructuring@ec.europa.eu
Пощенски адрес:European Commission - Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion - Green Paper on Restructuring - Unit C2 New Skills for New Jobs, Adaptation to Change, CSR, EGF - Rue Joseph II, 27 06/044 B-1040 Brussels Belgium
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Contributions to the Green Paper: Restructuring and anticipation of change

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Final report – Green Paper on Restructuring and anticipation of change
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