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The Mutual Learning Programme (MLP) website has moved

13/09/2013 The Mutual Learning Programme (MLP) website has moved

All the information about the Mutual Learning Programme (MLP) on employment policies is now available on the Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion website of the European Commission, as part of the European employment strategy section.

The MLP promotes learning exchanges between Member States to facilitate the transferability of good practice in effective employment policies. For instance, in the MLP peer reviews a reduced number of Member States meet to discuss in depth a policy or measure and learn from each other's experience.

Since 2009, the MLP has organised 20 peer reviews in 16 countries, in addition to bi-annual seminars, conferences and other learning exchanges.

The former MLP website www.mutual-learning-employment.net‎ is no longer available and redirects to the new MLP section http://ec.europa.eu/social/mlp, where all the information about the MLP has been migrated to. The planned forthcoming MLP activities will be soon published in this section.


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