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Your first EURES Job

What is this?

A job mobility scheme to help young Europeans find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship in other EU countries.

The scheme is part of the Youth on the Move package and the Youth Opportunities Initiative. It could be incorporated into national Youth Guarantee schemes that include cooperation with other EU countries.

The 2015 target for Your first EURES job is to help some 5 000 people find jobs in EU countries other than their own. The initiative involves only a limited number of employment services.

Your first EURES job is testing a new way of providing customised job mobility services to young people and employers. Under this scheme, national employment services provide support – information, recruitment, matching, placement and funding – for both young jobseekers and businesses interested in recruiting from outside their home country. Funding is subject to these services' conditions and procedures.

The Your first EURES job evaluation report gives an overview of the results achieved over the first two implementation years and of the main challenges to be addressed in the future.

Who qualifies for support?

  • EU nationals aged between 18 and 30 and living in any EU country
  • All legally established employers in EU countries offering contracts of at least 6 months' duration, provided that pay and conditions comply with national labour law.

What support is available?

For young people

The scheme funds language courses or other forms of training. It also covers travel expenses for young people applying for jobs or work-based training, enabling them to attend job interviews and settle in other EU countries to take up employment.

The mobility package includes other support measures for young people, described in the Your first EURES job Guide.

For employers

Companies with up to 250 employees can apply for financial support towards the cost of training newly-recruited workers, trainees or apprentices and helping them settle in.

How can you take part?

The Your first EURES job guide lists the conditions and rules governing participation.

Please find below the links to:

  • the employment services offering the scheme
  • the information points in the EU partner countries

For more details, you can also see the list of employment services and partner information points at EU level.

If your country does not yet offer these services, you can contact any of the organisations listed below.

Your first EURES job employment services


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