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EY2012 coalition

The EY2012 coalition currently includes more than 50 European organisations who see the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations as an opportunity to address age discrimination and demographic change in a way that is fair and sustainable for all ages.

The Year will promote innovative solutions to economic and social challenges facing the ageing European population. It will also help empower older people to stay in good physical and mental health and contribute more actively to the labour market and to their communities.


Contact: Alice Sinigaglia, Logistic and Campaign Officer,

Contact: Annette Dumas, EU Public Affairs Officer,

Contact: Ourania Georgoutsakou, Senior Policy Coordinator, AER Social Policy and Public Health Committee,

Contact: Antonella Valmorbida, Director,

Contact: Aurelie Baranger, Director,

Contact: Peter Verhaeghe, Head of Advocacy Unit,

Contact: Julien Dijol, Policy Officer,

Contact: Daniela Bosioc, Policy and Project Officer,

Contact: Zoltan Vadkerti, Advocacy Officer,

Contact: Christina Dziewanska-Stringer, Policy Adviser,

Contact: Sarah Dekkiche, Project Manager Services,

Contact: Dimitris Theodorakis, Policy & Research Officer,

Contact: Robert Anderson, President,

Contact: Björn Becker, Information and Communication Officer,

Contact: Ilaria Savoini, Social Affairs Adviser,

Contact: Karen Vandeweghe, Network Development Coordinator,

Contact: Amana Ferro, Policy Officer,

Contact: Robert Speiser, Executive Director,

Contact: Magdalena Machalska, Health Affairs Advisor,

Contact: Audrey Frith, Director,

Contact: Simona Giarratano, Policy Officer,

Contact: Prof Wolfhart Puhl, Chairman External Affairs & Liaison Committee and Past President,

Contact: Marielle Helleputte, Secretary General,

Contact: Bruno Costantini, Secretary General,

Boulevard du Roi Albert II 5, 1210 Brussels

Contact: Giulia Lombardi, EU Affairs Officer,

Contact: Kasia Scoggins, Head of Brussels Office,

Contact: Soeren Hougaard, Secretary General,

Contact: Hildrun Sundseth, Head of EU Policy, European Cancer Patient Coalition, Europe Director,

Contact: Ulrike Kieper,

Contact: Sofia Ribeiro, Vice-President for External Affairs,

Contact: Celina Kin-Armbrust, Campaign and Policy Officer,

Contact: Elena Curtopassi, Social Affairs Officer,

Contact: Heidi Pekkola, Policy and Communication Officer,

Contact: Heather Clarke, Political Affairs,

Contact: Dr Christine Dawson, Committee Coordinator,

Contact: Stephen Barnett, Senior Policy Officer,

Contact: Prof. Jean-Pierre MICHEL, President,

Contact: Prof. Dr. Paul Goldfinch, President,

Contact: Cecile Greboval, Secretary General,

Contact: Santa Ozolina, Policy Officer, Employment and Social Affairs,

Contact: Wim Rogmans, Secretary General,

Contact: Ellen Graham, EU Policy Adviser,

Contact: Dr Philippe Swennen, Project Director,

Contact: Katie Gallagher, Junior Policy Officer,

Contact: Stefania Pirani, European Projects Coordinator,

Contact: Paulina Banas, Social Policy Officer,

Contact: Eberhard Lueder, Head of Intra-Community Affairs,

Contact: Guillaume Filhon, Permanent Representative,

Contact: Luigi Leonori, President,

Contact: Anamaria Corca, EU Policy Assistant,

Contact: Kim Leonard Smouter, Secretary General,

Contact: Jacob Schouenborg, Secretary General,