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PES to PES Dialogue

The Commission launched 'PES to PES Dialogue' to help public employment services (PESs) to anticipate new trends and needs which require adjustment of their service offer and business models.

The activities of 'PES to PES Dialogue' are guided by, and contribute towards, the work of the European Network of Heads of Employment Services (HoPES). This network was created in 1997 and promotes co-operation, exchange and mutual learning between its members. By doing so it supports the modernisation of employment services delivery and the contribution of PESs to national active labour market policy priorities.


The PESs have played an important role in the achievement of the European Employment Strategy targets by turning employment policy orientations into actions. This role is set to continue – if not strengthen – in carrying out the priorites of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

PESs in many EU countries are under greater pressure than ever, as a result of the economic crisis. The Commission has identified the need to enhance their role in the:

  • Communications on A European Economic Recovery Plan and on A Shared Commitment for Employment, which highlight the need to increase the capacity of PESs in times of economic downturn and to step up mutual learning to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of active labour market policies
  • Employment Guidelines, which specifically refer to the role of the PESs in supporting better functioning labour markets and in the development of a skilled workforce.

Key activities


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