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European Commission calls on Member States to implement national plans for Roma integration

23/05/2012 Roma children

The European Commission has called on EU Member States, in a report, to implement their national strategies to improve the economic and social integration of Europe's 10 to 12 million Roma.

Member States developed these plans in response to the Commission's EU Framework for national Roma integration strategies adopted on 5 April 2011 which was endorsed by EU leaders soon afterwards.

The EU Framework identifies four pillars where national efforts to improve the integration of Roma are required: access to education, jobs, healthcare and housing. For the first time, all Member States committed to developing an integrated approach across these four policy areas and delivered national strategies to address these priority areas.

In its report, the Commission concludes that Member States have made an effort to develop a comprehensive approach to Roma integration. However, the Commission report highlights that much more needs to be done when it comes to securing sufficient funding for Roma inclusion, putting monitoring mechanisms in place and fighting discrimination and segregation.