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Employment Summit

Employment Summit

On 7 May, in Prague, a special Summit dedicated to employment took place. The Member States of the Troika (the Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain), together with President Barroso, Commissioner Špidla and the social partners discussed the consequences of the crisis on employment.

They identified practical ways to keep people in jobs and to get those who have lost their jobs back into work as quickly as possible. They also discussed how coordinated action at European level can best complement actions being taken at national level, and how to make the best use of the tools and resources at European level including the European Social Fund and the European Globalisation Fund.

The summit was prepared by workshops, the first of which took place in Madrid on 15 April and which focussed on skills upgrading and matching. There were also workshops in Stockholm and Prague, as well as with the European Parliament in Brussels. The aim of these workshops was to exchange views with the broadest possible range of stakeholders and to gather ideas to prepare for the summit.

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