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22/06/2009 - 23/06/2009

Restructuring Forum: Impact of Climate Change on Employment

Restructuring Forum: Impact of Climate Change on Employment

The European Commission will organise a Forum on the Impact of Climate Change on Employment, since changes needed to reduce CO2 emissions will in all likelihood have important effects on employment.

There are many opportunities - for example through the early adoption of innovative new technology - to place European companies ahead of global competitors that are slower to anticipate change. Conversely, a failure to anticipate by European firms may lead to hasty, reactive and forced later adjustment, which could damage companies and, leave their employees inadequately prepared, or trained, for alternative employment.

The purpose of the Forum will be to:

  • spread awareness of the changes that can be expected and the new skills that will be required in the medium term to meet the needs of adjusting to a low-carbon economy
  • provide a platform for employers and trade unions to learn from other organisations that have internalised this challenge and taken positive measures to anticipate change
  • disseminate information on practices that have been used to embrace change and come up with innovative solutions, notably using new technology
  • engage a wide audience throughout the European Union, including the current participants in the Restructuring Forums, (social partners, representatives of public authorities at different levels and experts) to take stock of their prevalent expectations and concerns about the low-carbon economy and jobs and their reasons for resisting or embracing climate change issues as a business driver

The Forum will take place on 22 and 23 June 2009 in the Charlemagne building in Brussels, immediately before the opening of the Green Week 2009, an annual exhibition/conference on environmental issues organised DG Environment of the European Commission. The Forum will count about 350 participants, representing trade unions, employers, national and regional public authorities, academic experts as well as European Institutions. It will consist of a high-level plenary, followed by working groups, reporting back by the working groups and a panel discussion with representatives of labour, employer and public authorities as well as academic experts.


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  • City: Brussels (Belgium)
  • Address: Charlemagne building