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My Story: Carlos, Spain

Despite the current economic odds, 27-year old biologist Carlos Jimenez Criado was able to dedicate his passion and expertise to the development of cancer research.

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  • Dátum: Jul 2013

My Story: James, United Kingdom

When leaving college, James Follet had no skills, no professional training or orientation.

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  • Dátum: Jul 2013

My Story: Nauras & Ebrahim, Germany

With high youth unemployment and integration difficulties, building a new life in Europe is not always an easy task.

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  • Dátum: Jul 2013

My Story: Jolanta, Lithuania

In a world of sound, deaf people are often stuck in unfulfilling jobs or facing a glass ceiling.

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  • Dátum: Jul 2013

My Story: Brigitte, France

There is a lot of life to live after you hit 60.

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  • Dátum: Jul 2013

My Story: Anna, Poland

As her employment prospects dimmed, 23-year-old Anna Plecha decided to forego her legal career to take advantage of a perfect gap in the market.

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  • Dátum: Jul 2013

Facing up to a globalised world

In response to a constantly evolving labour market, the European Commission is taking concrete action through the launch of a new fund to protect workers from changing global trade patterns.

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