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Social protection systems - MISSOC - Other publications

"Your social security rights" – guides to social security systems

The social security guides explain the national social protection systems in simple terms and are especially useful for citizens moving within Europe. They are complementary to MISSOC Comparative Tables. They are updated once a year.

Organisation of social protection

The social protection structure of each of the 32 countries participating in MISSOC includes an organisational chart and a short description. The publication also lists the internet addresses of the ministries responsible for social protection and other important institutions. Information is updated twice a year.

Social protection for self-employed

Given the specificities of the social protection for the self-employed, their situation in each of the 32 countries participating in MISSOC is illustrated in a separate publication. These short descriptions set out the basic principles and elaborate on the arrangements for the specific social risks. They refer to the MISSOC Tables in case the schemes for the self-employed are similar to those for employed persons. Information is updated twice a year.

MISSOC Analysis

The MISSOC Analysis, written by experts from the MISSOC Secretariat, provides an analytical overview of significant developments in a selected field of social protection and explores how these developments relate to changes in social protection legislation over time. Since 2012, the MISSOC Analysis is published twice a year.


The MISSOC Info describes the evolution and main trends of social protection during the previous year. This annual paper is complementary to the MISSOC Comparative Tables, providing more descriptive and contextual information in a broader perspective. The MISSOC Info is written by the Secretariat’s academic experts.